Downloading, Printing, Cutting & Taping

At first, working with the downloadable patterns can be a bit confusing. There are specific settings on your computer that you will need to be aware of. I’m going to walk you through it all. On the project main page, there will be download links for various documents that apply to that specific project. The […]

Basic Textiles & Patterns

The easiest and least expensive fabric for beginners to work with is a plain weave fabric made of cotton fiber. To be clear, cotton is not a fabric. Cotton is a fiber that comes from a plant. Once the cotton plant has matured the cotton fibers are removed from the plant. The cotton fibers are […]

Needles, Thread & Bobbins

Using the correct needle, thread and bobbin when sewing is very important in producing quality stitches for your projects. In this section I’ll discuss the basics of these three components, which will be used in your machine. I will advise you that using inexpensive low quality needles, thread and bobbins can also have an unfavorable […]

Sewing Machine Orientation

Of course, you will need a sewing machine. If you are a beginner, it’s my recommendation that you not spend a lot of money on a machine. I recommend this because although you are eager to sew, you haven’t yet developed enough skill to decide if sewing is something that is right for you. Sometimes […]

Sewing Tools & Supplies

There are some basic tools and supplies you will need to get started. The full list of supplies and tools can be downloaded, please check the bottom of the page for the PDF. I also have a video of me explaining all the tools and supplies you’ll need. SEWING MACHINE Of course, you will need […]